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Does Green Bean Buddy Bed Bug Killer Really Work?


Story From Past Client who had nasty bed bug infestation:


It took a while, but finally got rid of these nasty creatures that literally suck you dry in the middle of the night. Green Bean Buddy bed bug killer was my last treatment method before I went crazy! Thank goodness it worked.


Here’s What I Did That Worked For Me


So after doing some research I found out that most bed bug products simply are contact killers. This means I needed to find each bed bug and make sure that I spray a product on them to kill them. This sucks, because what if you don’t find the nest? Here’s a video of the product killing them.


Contact Killers Suck Just As Much As Bed Bugs


So like I said before, if you don’t find the nest your still gonna get bed bugs biting a few days later. Because contact killers need to directly hit the bed bug in order to kill them.


Residual Kept These Suckers Away For Good


What Green Bean Buddy bed bug killer does is way better in my opinion, because it’s a residual bed bug spray. It kills bed bugs, but I put the spray around the bed, boxspring, and walls of my neighbors to prevent these pests from getting back into my house.


Kept Bed Bugs Away During (12) Month Field Study


What tipped me off about the residual was a (12) month field study Green Bean Buddy did with entomologists. They treated a government managed museum and a multi-unit hotel/health facility. The residual kept bed bugs, carpet beetles and other pests out for 12 months!


Did What They Did In The (12) Month Field Study


Well if it worked for a government managed museum and hotel, I basically followed the same treatment procedure. Which was really easy.


Also, they give you procedures to download when you order and it lists step by step the processes, from inspection to treatment.


I will summarize what I did that worked:


First identify that your dealing with a bed bug:


You can look at this bed bug video, to see what a bed bug looks like. This will confirm you have bed bugs. Although, whether it’s fleas or some other pest Green Bean Buddy, residual bug killer will work fine.


Second, do a full bed bug inspection:


Next, I followed the procedures Green Bean Buddy gave me for inspections. Simply by going thru the steps of where bed bugs hide, I found out the following locations had bed bugs in my specific situation.


  • Mattress
  • Box spring
  • Mattress encasements
  • Pillows and pillow cases
  • Sofa and cushions
  • Recliners and furniture
  • Bed posts and wooden frames
  • Dresser drawers
  • Baseboards
  • Electrical wall outlets
  • Window sills
  • Picture frames


Once you do a inspection to see all the locations these bed bugs are hiding. You will then begin a treatment process.


Third, start your treatment: Use Bed Bug Steamer


I used the bed bug steamer first and heat treated my bed, box-spring, rugs, and couches. Then did my kids toys just to sanitize them while the steamer was hot.


It was fairly easy, just plugin the bed bug steamer, wait 10 mins to heat up, then start singing these bed bugs hiding locations.


Third, next apply residual: Use Green Bean Buddy Bed Bug Killer


This was my last step and probably the most effective. I simply removed all my sheets and linens off the bed. I sprayed my mattress, boxspring, and around the bed area just in case any of the bed bugs wanted to crawl up the mattress, they would hit that barrier.


I also sprayed around my wall on the floor to prevent any bed bugs crawling in from my neighbors house. I read this can happen alot in apartments so I am not taking any chances.


Bed Bugs Are Gone & No Bites


I’m amazed it worked because I tried just about everything. But like I said before my problem was I was not using a residual treatment. This made a huge difference.


The other thing I recommend is to do a re-treatment just in case. I found out that these bed bugs come from external sources. So while you may be travelling on an airplane or bus, they crawl onto your luggage or your clothes and hitch a ride back into your home.


I Wish I Used This Coupon When I Purchased Green Bean Buddy


I didn’t know about this special because when I checked the special was only available for limited quantities. I guess they ran out, which is expected because you can get a complimentary sample when you make your purchase.


This is great because they give you a complimentary sample which you can use if you travel. It passes TSA inspection.


Get A Complimentary Travel Sample When You Purchase!


If your looking to get rid of bed bugs consider reserving yours, but hurry because the last time I tried to get my complimentary sample. The special was over, I guess they have limited quantities. The sample costs $20 alone, so it’s a fantastic deal.


Check if you can reserve your Green Bean Buddy bed bug killer with complimentary sample.



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