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Welcome to Bed Bug Authority,  where we will give you information about identifying, eradicating, your Bed Bug Problem and giving you tips for not bringing any home after a vacation.

Bed Bugs aren’t only found in run-down hotels or motels, they are found in 5 Star Hotels as well. We will give DIY solutions to your Bed Bug problems.bed bug authority




After years of working in the pest control industry, I had to deal with all types of pests, from bugs to critters. None of them I would say were any less/more of a pest than the other. All were bad but, for me, one of the worst (If Not The Worst) would have to be Bed Bugs.


These parasitic insects of the Cimicidae Family feed exclusively on blood and can become a nightmare for anybody that has them in their home. The thing about bed bugs is that they are hard to identify, that’s if you can actually see one because they are normally active just at night, although they can be active during the day under certain situations. They are small enough to go unnoticed until you start getting rashes from their bites. They hide in cracks and crevices and in the seams of your mattress.


I went to a lot of service call where the homeowners couldn’t even live in their homes because of the size of the infestation. They are difficult to get rid of but, not impossible. Using different techniques, spray, powders and all the way up to steam treatments are the solutions that are available for these pests. I have learned a lot from working in this industry. There is nothing like hands-on training to get some great experience under your belt.






Working in the pest control business I gained a lot of knowledge and experience from working with service techs that had a lot of years in the business. All I needed to do was soak in all that knowledge and put it into practice. I also saw the ugly side of the business. The families that had big infestations in their home and the worst part is that they thought it was their fault. Like I said earlier bed bugs can be picked up at a 5 Star Hotel or even when you go to the gym.


The Bed Bug Infestation has nothing to do with keeping a messy home, it could be the cleanest house in the neighborhood and you know what, you can still get bed bugs. The only thing with having a messy home is that you will make it easier for them to hide.


The way to identify and eradicate bed bugs is through knowledge. Knowing how to identify them and have the know-how to eradicate them yourself because with a pest control company it can be very expensive.


I will give you the info on what is the best product to use and where to purchase them at an affordable price compared to the professionals. It’s a bad feeling when you have bed bugs but, just remember there is a way to get rid of them on your own and you can find that information on this site.




We hope to give you the knowledge/know-how to be able to get rid of your Bed Bug Problem the affordable way and that is to do it yourself. With the products we recommend, we are sure you can do the work yourself and save money at the same time. You can always email us about any questions you might have. So let’s keep the saying, just that, a saying when we are told “Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite”.

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