Are Bed Bugs Visible To The Naked Eye?

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Are Bed Bugs Visible To The Naked Eye?


Bedbugs are certainly visible to the naked eye. It might take some work finding them but, if they are in the open you can definitely see them. Adult bedbugs are about 5 millimeters in length and very flat looking and reddish brown in color. Bed Bug nymphs are smaller in size than the adults are, but are also visible to the naked eye.

If you have bed bugs infesting a bed, you are very likely to see them if you turn or move your mattress around in the daytime, as they do not like daylight and if you disturb them they will move quite quickly to try to find somewhere dark again.

They normally only come out when it is pitched dark to climb on to feed off the blood of a sleeping human for about 5 minutes most usually just before sunrise then returns to their hiding place, which may be in the bed or nearby.

If you see them in the daytime, then your infestation is great. The usual place you will find bedbugs in the day time hiding is in the folds or crevices of mattresses, but they may be anywhere in the bedding, or in cracks or crevices in the furniture or walls near to the bed.

Unhatched bedbug eggs are more difficult to see, as they look like a grain of salt stuck to a hard surface, but they too are visible to people with normal eyesight. However, some people get confused between bedbugs and dust mites. Dust Mites are very much smaller than bedbugs and so are not visible to the naked eye. Almost all beds will have dust mites, but only a few people will have a bedbug problem in their bed which is much more unpleasant.

If you see these bed bugs in your bed, immediately change the bed linens. Spray the mattress with bed bug killer. Regular bug spray will not work. Wet the mattress lightly with the spray, and allow the mattress to dry completely.

Vacuum the bed and throw the vacuum bag away outside. Wash the bed linens separately in hot water with bleach and detergent. Dry the linens thoroughly, absolutely hot dry. Sorry about the bed pillows, they need to be discarded. They are not that expensive to replace.

This treatment works for bed bugs, visible and invisible. It is wise to carefully inspect the person sleeping in the bed for signs of bites or active critters.

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