How Do I Get Bed Bugs?

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?


Well if we want to get technical, beds get bed bugs, not people. The way they get into your bed could be from a variety of different ways. One of the biggest contributors of the problem is buying some second-hand furniture and bringing it into your homes, such as a second-hand bed, or table or cupboard or anything else which a bedbug has laid eggs in a crevice or crack in that item of furniture probably without the person selling it knowing.


Bedbugs first get into a home when the resident buys a second-hand mattress, or a second-hand bed. There may be bedbug eggs in that item which thereby come in with the furniture into the new home without the buyer realizing.


Another reason is if you or somebody who lives in the same home as you goes away on vacation and a female bed bug lays an egg or eggs in their luggage, which they bring back into your home. Bed Bugs can lay up to 5 eggs every night. So when the person travels back home and unpacks, they do not see the tiny eggs which will be stuck to a hard surface somewhere inside the luggage.


Without them realizing, the eggs came home with them and when the person gets home they will leave their luggage or the clothing somewhere on the floor or on a bed of the house. The egg only needs between 6 to 17 days to hatch. And this is a perfect pathway for them to get settled and make themselves at home.


Another way is if a bedbug in another home very near to yours comes through the wall into your home, perhaps because it is getting overcrowded where it was at. This is common in apartments and condos. In all such cases when you are asleep, your breath can be detected by the newly born bed bug nymph wherever the egg hatches, and it instinctively will find the source of that breath, because it recognizes it as a food source, its meal being your blood which it needs to consume in order to live. .


So once it has found the source, which in this case is you, it will climb up into the bed you are in, crawl on to you and inject an anesthetic into you so you can not feel anything there, and then insert a tiny tube into you, through which it will suck blood out of you. It is likely to come back for more meals off you on subsequent nights while you are asleep, while it goes through five different molting stages before it becomes an adult bedbug. They then set up their new home very close to where you sleep.


Once it has completed its first meal off you in bed, it will crawl off you and make its base very near to where you sleep, the most likely place being in the folds of your mattress.


So your bed has now become their area of operation. This operating base may be in your mattress or in the bed’s construction or else in furniture or in the floor or wall very close to your bed.


Then if its a female it can start laying more bedbug eggs, so in time your bed will become infested as more and more bed bug nymphs get born, unless and until you have discovered you have a bedbug problem in your bed and taken steps to get rid of them.



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So unless action is taken to exterminate them each bed bug nymph will become an adult bedbug after five blood meals off you. The female adult bed bugs will continue to have meals but will now also lay eggs in or near your bed, up to 5 per day. Each egg may become a new bedbug when it hatches. So it is likely that in a short amount of time that bed will become more and more infested with new nymphs and then new adult bed bugs over the coming months.


So more and more bed bugs will crawl out of their different hiding places into your bed for a meal. You will get more and nastier bite marks all over you from different bed bugs having meals while you are asleep. This is what we called a serious infestation. So with large numbers of bedbugs now all over your home if somebody visits your home a bedbug looking for somewhere to lay its eggs may sometimes go into the shoe or the pocket of the visiting person and lays bedbug eggs in there. So when that person goes back to their own home they take the bedbug eggs with them to their home.


So as I mentioned earlier in the article, new nymphs then hatch out in their home at night and detect the breath of people asleep in their beds in that new home so now they are ready to have their first meal. So in a short amount of time that home too becomes infested, unless of course action is taken to exterminate all the bedbugs before a major infestation occurs.



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